“Scale of the Dragon” – a flexible solar battery with a thick sheet of paper

American company mPower Technology has developed a thin, flexible and light solar battery, which can easily be glued, for example, a drone or some kind of gadget, significantly increasing the functionality of any surface.

The development is called “Dragon SCALE”, because its appearance really looks more like a scales than a solar panel. The developers report that their panels are flexible and thin as paper, and their manufacture is much cheaper than the production of conventional solar cells, the very technology of production allows you to make more reliable and efficient elements compared to other modern analogs.

Flexible silicon solar cells can not be bent, because they break down right away, “scales” do not have this shortcoming, so we will soon be able to change the solar energy market, “said Murat Okandan, head of mPower Technology.

The developers are sure that the properties of their development will allow us to take a fresh look at the use of solar batteries. Indeed, when the “dragon scales” are on sale, it will be possible to wrap even drainpipes, spacers or even poles and trees, turning them into solar panels, and the sheet can be glued on the roof of the car, making it more ecological, non-volatile and modern.

The prices and terms of receipt of “scales” in the sale of developers have not yet been reported.

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