Legend of the Igroprom Atari will issue its own crypto currency

The affairs of the once-richest and most promising company engaged in the creation of video games, arcade machines and consoles, in the last thirty years are not going well, but Atari continues to periodically pop up in the news with new announcements. Last summer it was announced that the publisher will release a retro console with a set of old hits and support for new game projects, and now it became known that Atari intends to release its own coin, which will be called Atari Token.

In order to launch its own crypto-currency project, the publishing house acquired 15 percent of the shares of Infinity Networks from Gibraltar. Atari press service underlined that the deal “was made without money costs,” whatever that means. The development is supposed to be conducted jointly. Ultimately, it is planned to create a video game entertainment platform based on Atari Token.

After the deal was announced publicly, the shares of the publishing house almost doubled in price, and Atari chairman and CEO Frederic Schene issued a statement in which he noted that the company was seeking to take strategically advantageous positions in order to increase capitalization at the expense of assets and brand Atari.

In addition, Atari is going to integrate the crypto currency into the joint project with Pairplay, releasing the second “coin” Pong Token for the crypto currency online casino. Token is supposed to be used not only on its own platform, but also on other sites. Details of the launch of cryptocasino, as well as information about the crypto-currencies of the publishing house, will be made public later.

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