In Florida there were races of drones, guided by the power of thought

At the end of last week in the gymnasium of the University of Florida, unusual races took place, in which 16 drones, guided by the power of thought, participated. One of the organizers of the competition – Intel promises that they will become regular.

Technologies based on the controlled power of thought when creating robotic prostheses and an electroencephalogram headset that can be purchased on the Internet for several hundred dollars.

Each headset is tuned for electrical activity associated with certain thoughts, for example, with a command for movement. Programmers make up a code to translate these signals into commands, after which the computer sends them to flying drones.

Professor Juan Gilbert and his students, who organized the race, invite teams from other universities, which will undoubtedly lead interest in technology, that is limited only by the human imagination.

One of the possible directions of its use can be identification. According to Keith Walsh, an employee of the Electronic Frontier, the electroencephalogram readings are also individual, like fingerprints .

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