Plastic NovaCast can replace traditional casts

Wearing gypsum dressings for fractures – a measure of forced and unpleasant. Thanks to the efforts of the startup Mediprint from Mexico, a device called NovaKast, designed to replace a proven, reliable, but very inconvenient plaster bandage, was born.

. NovaCast is an open plastic frame, made for the injured limb of a particular patient. It is characterized by a rigid fixation of the limb with the ability to freely “breathe”, which can not boast of traditional gypsum.

Plus, the patient can not worry about the unpleasant sensations associated with the effects of sweating – itching, ulcers and infections.

The list of advantages NovaCast does not end there. It weighs 10 times less than a plaster bandage, it can be easily removed for a while, is invisible to X-rays and “not afraid” of water during bathing. To make it, you need one or more 3D printers. The scanner is not required, since it is enough to introduce several basic parameters of the injured limb into the printer.

It takes 3.5 hours to make one frame. Currently, developers want to bring this figure to one hour, after which to launch NovaCast in batch production.

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