The cities with the biggest traffic jams are named

The analytical company INRIX (19659004) The analytical company INRIX compiled a rating of the cities with the busiest roads. It includes 1360 settlements from 38 countries. The most “mirror” city in 2017 was Los Angeles – on average, its residents spent 102 hours in traffic jams.

The second place in the rating with 91 hours is Moscow, the third – New York. There drivers stand in traffic. Magnitogorsk and Yurga. Residents of these cities spend in traffic jams 73 and 71 hours respectively.

The slowest traffic for the entire reporting period was recorded in the Mexican state of Oaxaca – 5.9 kilometers per hour, and the slowest city was Belfast. The average speed of cars in the daytime was 5.4 kilometers per hour.

The most heavily loaded countries in INRIX were named Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, Russia, Venezuela and the United States.

source: motor

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